Nine Lightbulbs

Still a bit fragile but sustained by the lovely blogs I read.  PrimroseP wrote about the pebbles in our shoes that hobble us on our journey and that really hit a chord with me.  I am a procrastinator par excellence and my life is full of those little irritations.  Like the spot light type bulbs that my house is fitted with and which are fiddly to change.  I moved into this house a year ago and had it decorated top to bottom beforehand, including replacing any dud bulbs.  But it seems lightbulbs are not eternal and room by room a bulb or two or even three went.  Soon the kitchen and one bathroom were particularly gloomy.  And every time I switched on the lights, I sighed.  

But spurred on by Primrose, today I got my act together, went to Homebase, bought the bulbs, wrestled the step ladder out of the cupboard under the stairs, figured out how the bulbs are fitted (not difficult but in my head I had made it so) and changed all nine dead lightbulbs.

Magical. Simple. 

Day 69 today.

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2 Responses to Nine Lightbulbs

  1. primrosep says:

    I love love love this! so pleased! nine lightbulbs…makes a change from asking for four candles 😉 xx

  2. momthgr says:

    yeah!!! I too marvel over changed bulbs. a major accomplishment in this house.

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